Web Framework

dom99 is a JavaScript framework focused to make web development faster. Select HTML elements, add event listeners, synchronize state with the view, clone HTML templates with your data and insert it directly in the document.

Unopinionated and light

By default dom99 is optimized for first page load, that means the size is small. (Under 2.5KB minified and gziped) dom99 is unopinionated and bigger frameworks can be built on top of it. That means you can chose your own architecture, state management system, CSS system...

Easy to Use

Get up an running fast. dom99 does not attempt to invent for the nthtime how to writeifstatements andforloops inside HTML. Put logic in JS, and mark-up that you already know in HTML.

Loads blazingly fast

With a framework under 3KB, your web application will not only download fast, but also be parsed in less than a second. While still possible, building a SPA will no longer be a need but a pleasure.


Because dom99 builds upon the web platform, you are free to combine any library built for it. Gone are the days hoping a particular jQuery plugin exists or choosing a react loader component.

Designers and Developers can work on the same files

Elements in the mark-up linked to the DOM use `data-*` instead of the overused `class` and `id`. The benefits to this approach is that the developers can safely add data-attributes to stylized components without breaking the styles, and the designers can safely add `classes` and `ids` without breaking anything.

What are you waiting for ?

Zero-second compile time

dom99 can be used in a zero-second compile time development set-up with ES-modules. For production it is still recommended to bundle and minify files.

Developer Experience

dom99 avoids leaky abstractions that are well known to be a pain to debug. Error messages are clear. Try it out!

npm install dom99

Ready to get started?